Recalibrate - Episode 97

-The Carters' "Everything is Love"
-Ocean's 8 Movie Review
-XXXtentacion Shot Dead at 20 Years Old in Miami
-Pose writer, Steven Canals shouts me out on Twitter :-)  
-Clearly Defined Incidents Podcast Coming Soon

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Let's Unpack This - Part I (ft. Christina W)

Kevin's best friend Christina is finally on #TheOutlinePodcast! Friendship, Relationships, and Infidelity are discussed in the first of two episodes featuring @Dispoetzsoul.

Also discussed: American Idol Reboot, "Coco", On The Run II, and More

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With Yo' Inconsistent Ass #TheOutlinePodcast

With Yo' Inconsistent Ass #TheOutlinePodcast

What opportunities are you missing because of inconsistency? 
Let's talk about it.

Topics Covered: Xscape "Still Kicking It" on Bravo, Harry Potter, Beyonce pays homage to Lil' Kim, Vegan Donuts, and more!

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