Prepare But Don't Fear - Episode 105

Keep It One Hundred - Episode 100

Keep It One Hundred - Episode 100

This week we are celebrating a milestone on The Outline Podcast. This is the 100th Episode. Thank you to all listeners and supporters for your weekly commitment to creative content. You have helped develop this podcast! 

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Not So Great Expectations - Episode 99

Recalibrate - Episode 97

-The Carters' "Everything is Love"
-Ocean's 8 Movie Review
-XXXtentacion Shot Dead at 20 Years Old in Miami
-Pose writer, Steven Canals shouts me out on Twitter :-)  
-Clearly Defined Incidents Podcast Coming Soon

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Could've Been My Ex By Now - Episode 96

Could've Been My Ex By Now - Episode 96

Can you believe there are people who may be interested in you but are afraid to shoot their shot? Time for you to take action

Kevin talks more about his vintage book binge and his current obsession with "Pose", "Paris is Burning," and "Red Table Talks". 



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